notary public north west london
notary public north west london


Our rates are competitive and transparent and we make every effort to agree fees before any responsibility is incurred by the client for these.  They are based on a notional hourly rate of £280.00. 

Discounts will be given for processing multiple documents.

Disbursements are charged at the actual rate paid or payable by the firm.

Many documents requiring notarisation are particular to their own circumstances and are priced accordingly. As an indication of pricing:

Certified Copy Passports and other forms of ID:

If for use in the UK or in some Commonwealth countries, £40.00 for the first copy and £15.00 for each additional document certified at the same time.

If for use abroad, the charge is £75.00 for the notarial certificate endorsed on the copy document and £100.00 for a separate attached certificate to one document or to a bundle of documents.

Travel Consents for Children:


Life Certificates:


Powers of Attorney, Contracts, Deeds, Affidavits and similar documents:

£75.00 for single sheet documents in English

From £120.00 for multiple page documents and/or documents in foreign languages.

Company Documents:

£100.00 for certifying Resolutions, Minutes of Meetings and similar documents.

£140.00 for certifying information from Companies House and/or Certificate of Incorporation and/or Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Police Certificates, Probates and Certificates of Births, Marriages and Deaths:


Travel to client’s home or office:

Usually between £80.00 and £120.00.