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notary public north west london

Notary Services Frequently Asked Questions

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What services does a Notary Public provide?

A Notary, or Notary Public, can authenticate or witness most documents. A Notary can also arrange legalisation or obtain Apostilles, if needed. You will often require the services of a Notary Public when you have documents which are needed to be used abroad. The Notary's signature and seal will verify to the authorities in that country that any relevant checks have been carried out and that the document has been properly signed.

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What is the difference between a Notary and a Solicitor?

Notaries form a small, highly specialised branch of the legal profession, whose area of specialisation is the preparation and certification of documents so that they may be used effectively abroad.

Solicitors form by far the largest part of the legal profession. They provide advice and representation to their clients on a wide variety of legal issues, usually within the legal framework of their country of residence.

One important difference between a Notary and a solicitor is that whereas a solicitor's primary duty is to his client, the Notary's primary duty is to the transaction and the authenticity of the documents. As Notaries Public are recognised worldwide, they have to maintain absolute integrity and impartiality to maintain the standing of the Notarial profession.

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What is Legalisation or Apostille?

Many countries also require notarised documents to be legalised. Legalisation is a double check to make sure that the notaries' signature is genuine and recognised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Documents may also be checked by foreign embassies to make sure that the Notary's signature matches the one on their records. The requirement for this will depend on the foreign country involved. Once the authenticity of the signature is confirmed a certificate is attached, called an "Apostille".

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Documents in a Foreign language

I am a keen student of modern foreign languages and will ensure, either personally or with such assistance as is necessary, that my clients fully understand every document that they are required to sign.  I am particularly interested in dealing with the affairs of North London’s French population.

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What identification does a Notary Public require?

Following the implementation of the Money Laundering Regulations 2017, notaries are now obliged to keep sufficient evidence on their files of the identity and the address of all their clients before they undertake any work.

Each person whose signature they are to certify must provide one of the following original identification documents at the time of the appointment.

In addition, they require proof of residence, which can be one of the following original documents:

When a Notary Public is acting for a corporate client, evidence of the due incorporation of the company or entity is required together with evidence that the individual appears before me with the authority of the company. For UK companies and LLPs I will carry out a check at Companies House although, on some occasions, I may need confirmation from the Company Secretary that there have been no changes to the information since documents were last filed at Companies House.

In addition to the above, each individual signatory will need to produce one of the identification documents specified above and, except where the authority is apparent (eg sole director), he or she must provide confirmation of authorisation to act on behalf of the company. The authority can be demonstrated by production of a copy of the minutes of the Director's meeting at which the authority was granted or by written confirmation of the authority provided by The Company Secretary.

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What does it cost?

I will agree charges with my clients before they instruct me. To assist me in providing an early and accurate quotation, please tell me the following:

Please visit the contact me page to obtain a quotation.

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